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Google Adwords Made Easy with our 2018 Success Guide.

Combine a Professional 4 in 1 Adwords Course with Personal Adwords Help for 1 Year!

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We offer a unique solution

We always say that Adwords is simple. You need perfect technical campaign settings and the perfect ad (text or image).

We will help you with both.

In our courses you will find a step by step guide on how to create the campaigns and we offer you professional personalised support for 1 year to check the campaign settings and create with you the perfect ad based on your competition and a single 1 Business question for your company.

Buy the 4 in 1 course today to increase your ROI and find new customers that search on google for products and services like yours.


  • NO experience with AdWords required!
  • Basic Browser Skills
  • All you need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection!

What Will I Learn?

  • Create Step by Step Profitable Adwords Campaigns for your business

  • Understand and Achieve 10/10 Quality Score in all your Search Campaigns

  • Select the Right Options in the Platform so as to Spend Less and Win more

  • Understand the bidding options and select the one that is suitable to your business

  • Create high impact text, image and responsive ads with high CTR that increase your conversions

  • Understand the Search, Display, Video & Analytics mechanisms and select the right options to increase your sales

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to master Google Adwords advertising platform & Google Analytics
  • Small Business Owners who want to create their Adwords campaigns by their own
  • Entrepreneurs who want learn about the options they have or they want to control the results of their marketing team
  • Marketing professionals who want a step by step guide on how to create successful Google Adwords campaigns with high ROI
  • Students who want to develop a set of professional marketing skills to find a new job
  • Beginners and more advanced AdWords users who want a professional tested step by step guide to achieve great results

Trusted by:

Over the past 11 years, we have worked with dozens of companies & executives aroud the globe providing a range of training & consulting services.


Our Courses. Your Stories.

We want to thank Simon for the co-operation and the professionalism in Google Adwords Coaching all these years.

Spencer P. | Regional Marketing Manager - Dell

Excellent instructor with perfect business acumen. Trust him!

George P. | Capella - MCN (IPG Network)

I’ve had the pleasure of attending the Google Adwords Professional Seminar. Thank you Simon! You are a real Adwords magician!

Isaac P. | AMG Medical Group

We cooperated effectively for the google adwords strategy development of a major brand in the food industry sector.

Chris P. | Marketing Manager - Delivery Hero

I have attended Google Adwords Professional seminars that helped me to understand the opportunities that Google can create in the development of a company.

Chloe T. | Head of Direct Advertising | Primemedia

Google Adwords Professional seminars helped me to develop our Adwords strategy on Google so as to launch effectively our new mobile devices campaign.

Angelina M. | Marketing Excecutive - Crypto Technology

The seminars I attended in Leader Online School were very useful. I learnt a lot of smart tricks for today’s digital marketing word. The instructors were so well informed on their subjects taught and my total impression is that professionality is the main characteristic of Leader School. I would definitely suggest the Google Adwords Seminars.

Maria T. | Marketing Manager - HATS (Air Training Services)

I have had the distinct pleasure of attending Leader Online School’s “Google Adwords Professional Business Training Program” conducted by Simon Koss. Simon has been more than the ideal coach!

Chloe A. | Retail Marketing Executive - Apple

We attended Google Adwords Online advertising business seminars that resulted in better ranking in Google search engine paid results and better ROI in our advertising on Google Adwords campaigns.

Mina I. | Marketing Εxecutive - MidEast Travel

We cooperated effectively to create a new online web property around technology and unique online content that was highly appreciated from the online advertising market.

Neil S. | CEO - Nemo Online

Simon is a well organised trainer and makes communication in digital era an easy to do task. His skills are deriving from years of experience in the communication field and his ability to transform his knowledge to practical examples. His training on social media was really helpful for me and my work.

Emma K. | Marketing Manager - iSquare

I’ve had the pleasure of attending the Google Adwords Professional Seminars. I have attended some seminars in my 20-year career as marketing and communications professional and I must say that Simos is perhaps the best instructor, teacher and strategic thinker. He is passionate about adwords and he is well informed of new and emerging communications tools and strategies. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning more about online communications.

Virginia A. | Marketing & Communications Manager - QlikView

We have a valuable cooperation building brand awareness for social media customers.

Andrew V. | General Manager - Bakers Digital Communication

We cooperated with Leader Online School to develop the social media strategy of different brands in the food & retail industry.

Elijah P. | Digital Strategist & Entrepreneur

An excellent cooperation that resulted in valuable content creation for different brands in multiple social media platforms. Leader Online School is an important source of new ideas and tools to build your digital marketing strategy. The consulting services gave us new tools and opportunities to reach our target.

Maria K. | Google Adwords Strategist

We have a creative cooperation, Simon is a valuable Google Adwords Coach. Following the coaching sessions, I developed the online strategy of different clients in the health and retail market.

Kaylee K. | Adwords Specialist

Leader Online School’s Google Adwords Consulting services helped our company to develop our online presence building new online sales channels for our products.

Bill P. | Entrepreneur/ Merchant - Victoria Accessories

Following the tools and strategy of the Google Adwords Professional seminar, I managed to create an effective online strategy and promote my newly created company.

Sophia K. | Managing Director | Fantastick

I have attended Google Adwords seminar. The 4 modules of the seminar were excellent and targeted to online success. Mr. Simon Koss, my coach, is an online marketing insider, great professional and always available to you whenever you need him. He helped me create a competitive online presence and, the most important achieve sales and growth. I am really pleased of the seminars and i would highly recommend him to any entrepreneur.

Georgia G. | Entrepreneur | Health Industry

I attended Google Adwords seminars so as to better understand the strategy I need to follow and the tools I should use to increase sales in my eshop in the beauty sector.

Ava P. | MakeUpHouse

Excellent cooperation using the Google Adwords Consulting services to understand the internet strategy I should follow as a dentist.

Gabriel M. DDS,MSc | Dentist Surgeon

I attended seminars in Google Adwords, it was great because we had a lot of examples of how to use the tools for my online presence. I am pleased about my cooperation with Simon Koss who helped me to understand how we can use social media in our everyday business life.

Emma V. | Athlete/Model/Entrepreneur

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