Google Adwords Leader Seminar


Specialized Google Adwords knowledge based on your real business needs which will facilitate the achievement of your goals.


We apply our experience and training to your case, your Google Adwords campaigns offering tangible solutions.


Training will be done online or in place under a professional time frame and a flexible schedule.


15% discount for the 2nd person and a 30% discount for 3rd. Special prices for larger groups.

Google Adwords Seminars & Workshop will provide you with deep technical knowledge, strategic options and real time examples.

Using our unique methodology we guarantee that you will learn how to create Adwords campaigns that will affect your growth and increase your sales.

Google Adwords Professional Seminar Description

Leader Online School methodology applies in any market and any industry as it contains specific steps to find the right keywords, create a high ROI landing page, setup the campaign, create ad groups and finally find the best ads (headlines, description, url, ad extensions) and finally analyze the right metrics to decide what campaign is a good investment.

Google Adwords is an investment tool where you invest some advertising fees and you expect to tenfold the budget. To achieve the high Return on Investment (ROI) you need to maximize the customization of the targeted keywords, write and effective and specific ad copy, use the right extensions to make the ads eye catching and create a simple but effective landing page. It’s not a simple procedure but it’s a really effective one when every step is done right.

We created a professional training program in Google Adwords to help you achieve your goals by creating worldwide accepted Adwords rules that apply in every situation and in every step of the campaign, from the beginning when you need to find the right keywords to target, to the creation

Contents of the Google Adwords Seminar

• Online Advertising & PPC Terms
• Strategy Technical Options
• Google Adwords Anatomy
• Search Network VS Display Network

Search Network
• Build your strategy in Search Network
• 3 Steps to Find the Right Keywords for Search Network
• Budgeting the Search Network Campaign in 3 steps
• Creating a Search Network campaign in 10 steps
• Locations Tips & Strategy
• Bid Options & Strategy
• Delivery Method Strategy Options
• Ad Extensions Technical Knowledge & Strategy
• Dynamic Search Ads Options
• Writing a targeted ad copy
• Ad Copy Rules
• Keyword Options, Strategy, Fails
• Broad, Phrase, Exact Match and Negative Keywords

Display Network
• Build your strategy in Display Network
• Display Network Options & Marketing Objectives
• Locations Tips & Strategy
• Bid Options & Strategy
• Delivery Method Strategy Options
• Ad Extensions Technical Knowledge & Strategy
• Display Keywords Targeting
• Affinity VS In-Market Audiences
• Remarketing Lists Options
• Remarketing Strategy
• Dynamic VS Hand-Targeted Remarketing
• Google Lookalike Audiences
• Writing a targeted ad copy
• Ad Copy Marketing Rules
• Creating Automatic Image Ads
• Image Ads & Sizes
• Rules of Online Image Advertising

Google Adwords Statistics
• Main Adwords Metrics
• 3 metrics to find the most successful ad copy from stats
• Segmentation and Real Statistics
• Auction Insights and Competition
• CPC and rebidding strategy
• Calculating the real ROI

Google Adwords Workshop
• Google Adwords Workshop – Search Network
• Google Adwords Workshop – Display Network
• Finding the ideal ad copy Test
• Budgeting the Client Challenge
• Release the Leader Test

Landing Page Customization
• Landing Page & SEO rules
• Strategy & Targeting Options
• CPA Budgeting & Monitoring Tools
• Title, Description Tag, H1, Content
• Landing Page Architecture
• Supportive & Additional Pages
• Technical Factors & Tools
• Testing & Evaluation – a/b split test

Google Analytics & Adwords Reporting
• Google Analytics Anatomy
• Setting Goals & Checking Metrics
• Tracking method: Daily Task & Automatic Mailing
• Comparing Adwords to other channels
• Quality Content & Traffic
• Campaign Tracking, Treemaps & Bid Adjustments
• Keywords VS Search Queries: Invest, Compare, Track
• Hour of Day, Analytics and Spending Cuts
• Destination URL: Landing Pages Comparison
• Real time interaction: Visitors path and reaction to promotions
• Speed tests and technical issues
• Final ROI Calculation

At the end of every seminar you’ll receive all the instructional material (handouts/slides etc.) of each module as well as a certificate of completion.

Available Languages: English & French

Duration of Google Adwords Training

Individual Seminar (in place or eLearning): 3 sessions of 90 minutes

Cost of Google Adwords Seminar

Single person | 1 to 1 | Live eLearning: 975€

Discount: 15% discount for the 2nd person and a 30% discount for 3rd.

Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Paypal, All Credit Cards

For in Place seminars and large groups please contact us.

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