Digital Marketing: 4 Exclusive Methodologies of Leader School

The digital marketing seminars of Leader School include hands-on knowledge, strategy and the exclusive Leader School methodology.

Here at Leader School we have developed different methodologies for every tool, offering clear steps that lead to results.

The Leader School methodology allows the trainee to apply the knowledge to his situation and the steps are clear and practical.

The methodology is based on the actual needs of the market and is used by professionals and companies of every sector and is constantly being updated to adapt to the ever-changing trends of the web.
Below are the 4 distinct methodologies that we use exclusively at Leader School.

Method of Alternative Testing (MAT): Is used in online advertising seminars and in particular in the Facebook Advertising seminar and the Google Adwords seminar. By using the methodology we reduce the cost of advertising and we eliminate the danger of going over budget. At the same time, while using the “rule of the 3 metrics” we arrive with mathematical precision at the ideal advertisement.

Methodology Calendarium 14 (C14): By utilizing a set of rules, we create the strategy that we’ll apply to social media. The methodology includes the “1 to 5 rule,” “the 5 sources method,” and other practical rules that guarantee targeted presence in social media to help us achieve a predetermined goal (engagement strategy or sales strategy).

Methodology of the 3 Pillars (3P): Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex process that depends on multiple variables. Before beginning the modification of a website, we apply the Methodology of the 3Pillars to ensure correct targeting based on the enterprise’s strategy. With this particular methodology we guarantee that all our actions aimed at SEO will be in the right direction, that of results.

Methodology 7+3 for 1-3: The methodology is applied exclusively to the Google Adwords seminar and is a clear, practical and easy method to create an effective campaign within a search engine (Search Network). By following the methodology, the trainee is able to create effective campaigns that target the top positions in Google Adwords. By combining this particular method with the method of the 3 Pillars, we achieve proper targeting which results in high ROI (Return on Investment). The methodology 7+3 for 1-3 is distinct for its ease of use.