Digital Marketing Consulting Services

The consulting services of Leader School on Social Media & Internet Marketing are with you each step of the way. We advise you on how to create and use a new site, modifying the site, its exposure through the web, creating channels of communication on social media, reporting your activity and the various feedback mechanisms. We offer suggestions, ideas, and modification for a maximum ROI and the accomplishment of clearly defined goals.

The 3 Areas of Service

Site Improvement: The consultant will examine the weaknesses of your site and will propose specific solutions for its improvement (or remodeling) with regards to SEO, layout, the content, content renewal, return on investment (ROI), technical issues etc.

Online Marketing: The consultant will improve or create your marketing campaign through the use of Adwords, Facebook, banner campaigns, email marketing, affiliate marketing, targeted paid posts and other specialized campaigns (video campaigns, social campaigns etc.).

Social Media: The consultant will improve or create new channels of communication through social media tailored to your profile and your market and will propose the implementation of the Content Marketing strategy as well as ways to get maximum returns with the help of marketing actions, competitions etc.

Consultation Fees

There’s a corresponding service packet depending on your needs.
Our online consultant is a service that is offered in the following options:

Ad Hoc
You can set up an appointment with our consultant at any day and time of the week to discuss any subject related to internet marketing and social media.

The cost of an ad hoc appointment lasting 120 minutes is 150€.

The appointment can take place at your offices, the Leader School head-quarters or online (Skype, TeamViewer).

Monthly Contract
In the case that you’d like an experienced consultant on online matters for an important project that has a specific duration, we offer our consulting services on a month-to-month basis.

Yearly Contract
If you’d like an experienced consultant beside you each step of the way for your online endeavors, we offer annual consulting packages with immediate assistance for any issue that may arise on the internet.

In the case that you’d like individual services, you will have to contact us so we can assess the services you require and propose an advantageous offer.

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