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Specialized knowledge based on your real business needs which will facilitate the achievement of your goals.


We apply our experience and training to your case, offering tangible solutions.


Training will be done online or in place under a professional time frame and a flexible schedule.


15% discount for the 2nd person and a 30% discount for 3rd. Special prices for larger groups.

Professional Digital Marketing Seminars that contain practical information, techniques, strategies and the exclusive Leader School Methodology for online success.

Digital Marketing MASTER Professional Seminar Description

The “Digital Marketing Master Professional Diploma” seminar is the most complete program of practical training available on the market. It combines digital marketing seminars from the “Social Media Marketing MASTER” seminar series, as well as the “Internet Marketing PRO” seminar series, in order to offer you a complete understanding of how digital marketing works. The seminar consists of three key subjects: internet marketing, online advertising and social media marketing. It includes all the know-how, strategies and tools required in order for you to have substantial results in your sales or online communication. It is a well-rounded, direct and practical training program regarding the internet and the opportunities that lie within it. The seminar combines all the individual programs and offers unique modules that don’t exist in other seminars. It is Leader School’s best selling seminar and is the No 1 choice for most of our clients.

The Basic Principles of the Digital Marketing Seminars

An in-depth look at the modules of the most complete training program on Social Media, Internet Marketing and Online Advertising:

• Theoretical background and development of new channels of communication & sales (social media/blog/market segmentation/new advertisement tools)

• The rules of Social Media & adapting the mindset of the modern communication model.

• Social Media: survey data/targeting/results

• Finding and targeting the consumer / Communication tailored to the consumer

• Case Studies / Fail Studies on the correct use of new channels.

• Organization and management of communication depending on the new channels of communication (mainstream sites, new sites, blogs, social profiles, communities, forums etc.)

• Description of new social media channels and analysis of consumer targeting as well as instructional training for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Slideshare

• Description of new advertising channels – means and methods as well as instructional training for Google Adwords, Affiliate Marketing, Social Ads (Facebook Ads), Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Link Ads, Paid Posts.

• Search engines – factors that will improve your website’s image on Google / traffic / engagement / sales.

• Procedure & Strategy: 10 basic steps for online success for every professional (coaching session with practical applications on your field of interest).

Contents of the Digital Marketing Seminars

The Digital Marketing seminars consist of training programs that include the material from 15 modules and individual seminars of Leader School.

Internet Marketing Series

• Social Media, Internet Marketing & Online Sales – exclusive module

• Seminar on SEO & Google search engine success & The secrets of a successful site – exclusive module

• Email Marketing & Successful Campaigns

• Seminar on Google Analytics, Google Webmaster & Tracking Tools

Online Advertising Series

• Seminar on Google Adwords & Successful Campaigns

• Seminar on Online Advertisement, Affiliate Marketing, Adsense and Revenue from Online sources

• Seminar on Facebook Advertising

• Seminar on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube Advertising- exclusive module

Social Media Marketing Series

• Seminar on Facebook & Success

• Seminar on LinkedIn & Job Market

• Seminar on Twitter & Success

• Seminar on YouTube & Success

• Seminar on Google Plus & Success

• Seminar on Pinterest, Instagram & Flickr

• Secrets of Digital Marketing success – exclusive module

At the end of every seminar you’ll receive all the instructional material (handouts/slides etc.) of each module as well as a certificate of completion.

Available Languages: English & French

Duration of Digital Marketing Training

Individual Seminar (in place or eLearning): 15 sessions of 90 minutes

Cost of Digital Marketing Seminars

Single person | 1 to 1 | Live eLearning

1 Module: 340€
2 Modules: 660€
3 Modules: 975€
4 Modules: 1280€
5 Modules: 1570€
6 Modules: 1840€
7 Modules: 2100€
8 Modules: 2340€
9 Modules: 2580€
10 Modules: 2810€
11 Modules: 2950€
12 Modules: 3190€
13 Modules: 3390€
14 Modules: 3550€
15 Modules: 3650€

Discount: 15% discount for the 2nd person and a 30% discount for 3rd.

Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Paypal, All Credit Cards

For in Place seminars and large groups please contact us.

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