Digital Marketing Seminars [e-Learning]

Digital marketing seminars conducted via eLearning provide specialized knowledge based on your real needs which will facilitate the achievement of your goals.

With the use of modern communication platforms, we give the ability to our participants to follow the seminars at the comfort of their office or in front of their computer at home.

Digital Marketing Seminars: Advantages of eLearning

1. You see and hear your instructor in real-time.
2. You can ask questions at any moment.
3. You receive an email copy of the presentation.
4. Individual seminar tailored to your needs on the day and time you want.
5. Conducted wherever you may be through desktop or laptop.

Digital Marketing Seminars via eLearning: 5 Step Training Program

1. Selection of Seminar
Select the seminar that you want from our website.

2. Determine the Time 
Each seminar, depending on the modules it contains, is carried out in a set number of modules (1 module every 2 hours). Select the days the times that suit you. Leader School controls availability and will suggest days and times based on your preferred schedule.

3. Payment
Before the start of the seminar, the seminar will have to either be paid in full or the required payment will be made (depending on the seminar) – Bank Transfer, Paypal, All Credit Cards

4. Setting Up Your Computer
The installation of programs is free and we use the latest technology to ensure the highest quality of eLearning.

5. Start of Seminar
The seminar starts, you see and hear your instructor in real-time. You watch the presentation and ask questions. Having a camera is optional.

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