Facebook & Success: The P.U.S.H methodology Online Seminar


Facebook customized knowledge based on real case studies that will help you achive your strategic social goals.


We apply our personal 1 to 1 training on your Facebook pages giving you real strategy solutions on how to succeed.


You select the day and the hour of the training. Our coach is always available, 24 hours per day, every day, weekends included to help you find the 90 minutes that will change your Facebook campaigns.


Low cost price for a top worldwide personal online seminar that combines a specific seminar with a professional coaching session to help you achieve your goals.

A complete Facebook Personal Online Seminar for professional Facebook users that need to update their knowledge with trends and tools to succeed on the most famous social platform.


Facebook is not a social playground anymore. Facebook’s algorithm (edgerank) and the intense online competition transformed Facebook to a strategic social advertising platform for brands and professionals. In this new social ecosystem the workshop will provide the latest Facebook knowledge, tools and methodology to create successful Facebook properties and social campaigns to achieve the corporate goals. The 1-to1 online live Facebook Professional Online Seminar is appropriate for both new and experienced users. It will provide practical tools and methods, updates about the latest working trends, rules and case studies on how big companies in different markets apply them to succeed.


• Facebook: the king is still a king: dynamics in global and Greek market, latest social rules, latest features & trends, what changed on Facebook the last 24 months

• Strategic positioning, corporate / personal problems & solutions of Facebook professional use

• P.U.S.H method: how to be consistent and achieve your goals

• Lack of creativity: editing sources, photo sources and how to build a strategic Facebook property

• How to “speak” Facebook: text, image, hashtags, tagging

• Facebook contests and promotional activities: What changed the last 12 months

• How to create a successful Facebook page today (step by step guide)

• Corporate Facebook managements: users and roles

• The engagement strategy: tips to make users like, comment, share

• Deal with a crisis on Facebook: the reaction mechanism

• Small details make big difference: luck is not a factor for professionals

• Case Studies / Fail Studies (Greek and International)

At the end of the webinar you will receive the full 40 pages presentation.


• English


• Duration: 90 minutes

• Cost: 340€ (EUR)


We are available 24 hours per day, every day, weekends included.


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