Traffic, Tracking, Stats with Google Analytics & Tracking Tools Online Seminar


All you need to know about tracking and analyzing a site. This online seminar will help you understand the numbers and set your strategic goals.


We apply our 1 to 1 personal training to your own site giving you real solutions on what to track and analyze so as to improve your ROI.


You select the day and the hour of the training. Our coach is always available, 24 hours per day, every day, weekends included to help you find the 90 minutes that will change your search engine ranking.


Low cost price for a top worldwide personal online seminar that combines a specific seminar with a professional coaching session to help you achieve your goals.

Google Analytics is the most powerful and free online tracking tool. But not the only one as there are other tools that give us more data about our visitors, their habits and ideas what to improve in our site.


The Google Analytics & Tracking Tools Online Seminar will provide you with useful professional tools to track your site. Google Analytics is a professional tracking tool that must be combined with other tools from Google or third party tools to give you enough data to analyze your visitors. The traffic channels, the visitors paths, the entry and exit pages, the duration of the visits, the bounce rate are some of the metrics we take into consideration when analyzingn a site. Of course we should never forget that “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted” so the expertise is more valuable that the metrics themselves.


• Intro: Set your goals and use professional tools

• Google Analytics: Install, Manage, Track

• Tracking method: A daily task

• Metrics and targeting: What to check according to your site

• Demographics: is this your audience?

• Behaviour and engagement of our visitors

• Technology and tech specs analysis of our site

• Traffic channels: How to decide in which channels you should Invest

• Google Analytics for eshops – Set a goal, track your sales

• Google Analytics & Adwords: Rate your campaigns

• Social Media Tracking: Analyzie the social impact of your site

• Behavior flow and mistakes: how to avoid them

• Speed tests and technical issues: Google knows better

• How to map the interest of your visitors

• Real time interaction: Visitors path and reaction to promotions

• Details do matter: Tracking details you should never miss

• How Google tracks my site: Analyze and improve your indexing

• Advanced track and analyze methodology: Extra tools to use

At the end of the online seminar you will receive the full 40 pages presentation.


• English


• Duration: 90 minutes

• Cost: 340€ (EUR)


We are available 24 hours per day, every day, weekends included.


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