In House Digital Marketing Training

In-house seminars on digital marketing for companies specifically made for your needs. Together we create a training program that achieves the goals of your company, training your executives, managers and staff. We design a specialized training program that is conducted at your offices within a flexible schedule. We adapt the program to your field of work with realistic examples and strategies.

The in-house seminars are for groups (more than three persons) while the hourly rate stays fixed regardless of the group’s size.

We offer the option of white label services which gives you the possibility of completely rebranding the seminars (ideal solution for agencies and customer training, educational organizations, consulting services, etc.)

The in-house seminars are offered in English or French worldwide.

Below you’ll find the 3 most popular in-house seminars of LEADER SCHOOL.

The Most Popular In-House Seminars

1. Strategy & Success on Facebook (2 modules): A comprehensive seminar on Facebook, the most popular social network in the world. The seminar analyzes all the success factors of a site (fan page) on Facebook such as: promotional strategy, advertising and promotional means, the connection between Facebook activity and a company’s broad strategy, the psychology of the medium and of the users, a response guide for social media moderators, how to effectively deal with internet “trolls”. Furthermore, we’ll analyze the strategy of top companies (case studies) and examine many fail studies, traps and mistakes. Finally, we’ll take a look at the little secrets and rules of success of the major companies on Facebook.

2. Online Advertising (Display Ads, Adwords, Facebook Ads, Affiliate, Video Ads) (3 modules): The internet is a new channel of exposure with various advertising methods that presents a great opportunity to everyone, regardless of the field they work in. From the now “traditional” Display (banner of all sizes) to the “social” ads on Facebook; the audiovisual and indirect Video Ads; the cooperative advertising of Affiliation; the direct possibilities of exposure through Adwords on Google; online advertising offers an array of tools to help us achieve our goals, whichever they may be: exposure, sales, engagement. In the seminar on online advertising we’ll analyze all the methods of advertising. We’ll look at the characteristics of each platform as well as the secrets of success and the competitive advantages of each medium.

3. Social Media & Internet Marketing Master (4 modules): The most comprehensive in-house seminar on social media and online success. It includes all the facets of online presence found today, from social media (from Facebook to targeted niche social sites) to ways of promoting your company using modern methods such as Adwords, Community Building, SEO and Affiliate Marketing. With the use of specific examples, we’ll see the entire methodology and the online secrets that allow a company to stand out by capitalizing on the opportunities that the internet presents.

Modules of the In-House Seminars

You can create your own in-house program by combining the following modules:

Internet Marketing Seminars
Seminar on SEO & Google Search Engine Success
Seminar on Email Marketing & Successful Campaigns
Seminar on Google Analytics, Google Webmaster & Tracking Tools

Online Advertising Seminars
Seminar on Google Adwords & Successful Campaigns
Seminar on Online Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Adsense and Revenue from Online sources
Seminar on Facebook Advertising

Social Media Seminars
Seminar on Facebook & Success
Seminar on Twitter & Success
Seminar on YouTube & Success
Seminar on LinkedIn & Job Market
Seminar on Google Plus & Success
Seminar on Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr & Success

The Creation of New Modules

If the above modules don’t quite cover your needs, we can create together a new module. Below are some of the titles of the in-house seminars that were exclusively made after the request of our clients:
• Strategy, Techniques and Tools for the Creation and Tracking of a Targeted Campaign on Facebook
• New Channels of Communication & Online Sales
• Social Media & Child Protection
• Secrets of Success and Strategies of Major Brands on Social Media
• Promoting New Products through Social Media

Pricing Schedule

Once you’ve selected the modules that interest you, you can view the total cost by the hour. The price remains fixed regardless of the number of participants.

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