Social Media Marketing Professional Seminar


Specialized knowledge on Social Media based on your real business needs which will facilitate the achievement of your goals.


We apply our experience and training to your social media presence, offering tangible solutions.


Training will be done online or in place under a professional time frame and a flexible schedule.


15% discount for the 2nd person and a 30% discount for 3rd. Special prices for larger groups.

The Social Media seminar is a seminar that focuses on your needs for it is personalized and tailored to your company, your goals and your online presence. It offers Social Media Marketing strategies and tools to help you achieve your goals as wells as offer practical advice that will make you a social leader in the online field.

Social Media Marketing Professional Seminar: Description

In the Social Media Marketing Pro seminar we’ll take a look at all the factors that lead to success on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. We will learn the secrets of a successful Facebook Page and we’ll give you ideas, practical examples and ways of organizing and checking your work so you can create your own successful Facebook Page or improve the page you already have. We will learn to create successful Facebook campaigns as well as all the secrets of the competition in order to increase our exposure and we’ll look at successful examples of social media strategies used by major international brands. Also, we will learn the secrets of success on Twitter and we’ll examine all the other options that exist in Social Media (YouTube, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc).

This is a practical seminar in the form of a workshop (with actual real time data) that fully meets the demands of modern Social Media Marketing and it offers practical knowledge based on your case.

Content of Social Media Marketing Professional Seminar

The seminar combines the material of the modules Facebook & Success and Facebook Advertising and focuses on 3 or more other social networks of your preference (depending on your strategy and goals) from the following: Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare.

Selection of 5 out of 8 modules:

• Seminar on Facebook & Success
Seminar on Facebook Advertising
• Seminar on Twitter & Success
• Seminar on YouTube & Success
• Seminar on LinkedIn & Job Market
• Seminar on Google Plus & Success
• Seminar on Pinterest, Instagram & Flickr
• Seminar on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube Advertising

At the end of the seminar you’ll receive all the instructional material as well as a certificate of completion.

Available Languages: English & French

Duration of Social Media Marketing Professional Training

Individual Seminar (in place or eLearning): 5 sessions of 90 minutes

Cost of Social Media Marketing Professional Seminar

Single person | 1 to 1 | Live eLearning: 1570€

Discount: 15% discount for the 2nd person and a 30% discount for 3rd.

Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Paypal, All Credit Cards

For in Place seminars and large groups please contact us.

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